Archeology with the latest technologies


The Archaeological Castellón project has decided to embody the use of the latest technological resources in its informative objective.

The 3D models introduced in the web allow for virtual visits of the sites, achieving a unique visualization from any device as well as from Virtual Reality viewers. (VR)

Visitors may choose between a guided tour through each site's key points and a free visit.

This contribution represents an important added value to the project, allowing new and attractive ways of approaching the heritage for the public with cultural interest, but also generating outstanding documentation for the scientific study.

The application of geomatics to the archaeological sites documentation combines geographic information systems, spatial data infrastructure, light technologies and information and communication technologies. These technologies manage the acquisition, modeling, processing, storage, retrieval, analysis, exploitation, representation and dissemination of geodesy, photogrammetry and remote sensing. As a result of this documentary work, three-dimensional models of the sites and orthophotomaps have been generated.


An orthophotomap is a photographic presentation of an area of the Earth’s surface, in which all the elements present the same scale, error or deformation-free, with the same validity as a cartographic plan. It combines the detail features of an aerial photograph with the geometric properties of a plan.

An orthophotography is achieved by a set of aerial images taken from satellites, airplanes, drones, etc. that have been corrected to represent an orthogonal projection without perspective effects and optical distortions, on which it is possible to make exact measurements (dimensions, coordinates, etc. ) in a geometric scale model. Instead, an aerial photograph will always present deformations caused by its perspective and the optics used for the capture.

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