This itinerary takes place in the coastal towns of Castellon plains, Castellón, Almassora, Nules and Vall d'Uixó. This is the most economically and demographically most active area of ​​the Province, in which we can visit up to four archaeological sites

From the Roman imperial period, the villas of Vinamargo de Castellón and Benicató de Nules can be visited.

In the municipality of Almassora you will find the settlement of Torrelló del Boverot, with settlements from the Bronze Age and the Iberian period. In the same municipality a museum preserves all these findings. On the other hand, in the Vall d'Uixó we find the Iberian-Roman site of Sant Josep, next to the well-known caves of the same name.

In the capital of the province we can also find the Museum of Castelló, with an archeology room that exposes the main findings of the Castellón sites.

This area also has extensive and beautiful beaches and easy access to cultural activities and monuments located around the capital.

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