This route is located in the center of the Province, between the coastal plains of the Ribera de Cabanes-Torreblanca-Oropesa and the prelittoral Castellon.

We can visit two Pre-Iberian settlements such as Tossal del Mortórum of Cabanes, a village belonging to the Bronze Age and the Ancient Iron Age that also contains unique remains of a funerary tomb.

Further inland, in the Serra d'en Galceran, lies the Tossal de la Vila site, with occupations from the VIII-VIIth centuries BC, and from the Xth century AD. Thanks to its location and height, we can consider it as the viewpoint of the Province for its spectacular views, since from there you can see the different mountains and plains that make it up.

Els Estrets-Racó de Rata is an Iberian site located in Vilafamés. It is surrounded by a reinforced wall with bastions and a circular tower. In the village different areas have been dug. The spectacular nature of this site lies in its architecture; the walls of the houses preserve more than two metres height in some points, especially in the tower with four metres height preserved.

This itinerary also brings us closer to the Roman period, as we can visit the Roman arch of Cabanes, one of the few Spanish monuments of this type, and the remains of a section of the Via Augusta, located in the municipal museum   of Benlloch.

In medieval times, this itinerary brings us closer to the Mediterranean coast, to the maritime town of Torre la Sal, in the vicinity of the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park, where one of the fortified towers of the 14th century is located, Torre de la Sal, that exist in the municipality of Cabanes.

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