In the middle of the 7th century B.C. the Late Bronze Age societies meet the Mediterranean trade. That event will bring a radical transformation in technology, society and in beliefs and rituals for Bronze Age inhabitants. The happening changes in that period are extremely important and explain the whole development of the Iberian Culture. New technologies appear such as ferrous metallurgy or the potter’s wheel, new architectonical techniques, and new rituals, such as the presence of guests during the banquets, or new religious and social approaches. They will bring a complete change of mentality.

The Iron Age initiates the technological and social approaches that have been ruling the Castellón towns until practically up to the present day.

On the road you can observe the archaeological sites of En Balaguer in Portell, El Puig de la Misericordia in Vinaròs, el Puig de la Nau in Benicarló, Santa Llúcia de Alcalà in Xivert, El Tossal del Mortorum in Cabanes, El Tossal de la Vila in la Serra d'Engarceran, Los Morrones in Cortes de Arenoso.

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